The advice given in the healt section on food and drink. Should be applied even more stringently where young children are concerned. Be aware that expensive hotels may have squid cooking condition the ceapest sreet stall is often more hygienic. Where young children are the best bet meat and fish may be pre cooked and then left out before being re heated. Fruit can be bought cheaply right across southeast asia papaya, banana and avocado are all excelent sources of nutrition , and can be self peeled ensuring cleanliness. If your child is at the grab everyting and put it in mouth stage a damp cloth and some dettol are useful. Frequent wiping of hands and tabletops can help to minimize the chance of infaction.

Public transport may be problem trains are fine but long bus journeys are restritive and unconvortable. Hirring a car is unbouthedly the most convenient way see a country with a small child. Back seatbelts are rearly fifted but it is posible to buy child seats in capital cities.


Younger tavellers seem to be more prone to illness abroad, but that should not put you off taking them. More preparation is necessary then for an adoult and perhaps a little more care sould be taken when travelling to remote areas where healt service are primitive. This is because children can become more rapildly will than adults.

Diarrhoea and vomiting are the most common problems so take the usual precautions, but more intensively. Make sure all basic childhood vaccination are up to date as well as the more exotic ones. Children should be properly protected against diphtheria, whooping cough, mumps and measles. If they have not had the disease, teenage girls should be given rubella (German measles) vaccination. Consult your doctor for advice on BCG inoculation against tuberculosis : the disease is still common in the region. Protection against mosquitos and drug prophylaxis against malaria is essential. Many children take to ‘foreign’ food quite happily. Milk may be unavailable outside big cities. Powdered milk may be the answer; breast feeding for babies even better.

Upper respiratory infection such as colds, catarrh and middle ear infection are common – antibiotics could be carried against the possibility. Outer ear infection after swimming are also common, antibiotic ear drops will help. The treatment of s he same is for adults except that it should start earlier and be continued persistence Children get dehydrated very quickly in the tropics and can drowsy and unco-operative unless cajoled to drink water or juice plus salts oral has been a lifesaving technique in children.

Babies and small children deteriorate very rapidly when ill. A travel insurance policy Emergencies 1n air ambulance provision is strongly recommended. When planning a route, try to stay within 24 hours travel of a hospital with good care and facilities. Many expatriats Singapore for if medical care, which has the best doctors and facilities in the region

NEVER allow your child to be exposed to the harsh tropical sun without protection. A child can burn in a matter of minuates. Loose cotton clothing, with long sleeves and legs and a sun – hat are best. High – factor sun – protection cream is essential

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