Many people are daunted by the prospect of taking or child to Malaysia. Naturally, it is not something to be taken on lightly ; trevelling is slower and more expensive and there additional health risk for the child or baby. But it can be a most rewarding experience and with sufficient care and planning, it can also be safe. Children are excellent passport into local culture. You will also receive the best service and members of the public when in difficulty.

Children in Malaysia are given 24 hour attention by parents, grand parents and sibling. They are rarely left to cry and are carried for most of the first 8 mount of their lives since crawling is considered animal like. A non Asian child is still something of a novelty and parents may find their child frequently taken off their hands. Some children lave the attention other react against it ; it is best simply to gauge your own child reactions.

These can be bought in Malaysia but are often expensive. If you are staying any length of time in one peace, it may be worth taking terry’s nappies. All you need is a bucked and some double strength nappy cleanse (simply soak and rinse). Cotton nappies dry quickly in the heat and are generation more comfortable for the baby or
Child. They also reduce rubbish many ciuntries are not geared to the disposal of nappies. Of couerse, the best way for a child is to be nappy-free like the local children.

Babay priduct
Many western baby product are now available in Southeast Asia : shampoo, talcum powder, soap and lotion. Baby wipes can be difficult to find.

Baby wies;child paracetamol; disinfectant; first aid kit; flannel; immersion element for boiling water; kanvol and / or Snuffle Babe or equivalent for colds; instant food for under – one – year – olds; mug / bottle / bowl / spoons; nappy cleanse, double – strength; ORS/ORT (Oral Rehydation Salts or Therapy) such as Dioralyte, widely avaible in the countries covered here, and the most effective way to alleviate diarrhoea ( it is not a cure); portable baby chair, to hook onto tables – not essential but can be very useful; sarungbackpack for carrying child (and or light weight collapsible buggy), sterilizing tablets (and an old baby – wipes container for sterilizing bottles, teats, utensils); cream
for nappy rash and other skin complaints such as Sudocreme; sunblock, factor 15 or higner; sunhat;Terry’s(cloth) nappies, pins, and plastic pants; thermometer; zip – lock bags for carrying snacks, powdered food; wet flannel.


At the hottest time of year,air conditioning may be essential for a baby or young child comfort. This rules out many of the cheaper hotels , but air conditionered accommodation is available in all but the most out of the way spots. When the child is bathing, be aware that the water coud carry parasites, so avoid letting him him or her drink it.

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