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Airport information
The new KL International Airport (KLIA) cat Sepang, 12 km from the city. and high tech, reflecting Malaysia's 2020 vision, it has lots of restaurants, shops, banks and such like A helpful Tourism Malaysia desk dishes out lots of pamphlets on KL and beyond the old airport at Subang confusingly similar to sepang), 24km southwest of KL, is still used for some domestic departures such as AirAsia. For details of other international airport such as Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, see relevant sections.

Airport tax
Airport departure tax is RM5 for domestic flights, and RM40 for all other countries

Tourist information
Tourism Malaysia (headquarters), 24-27 Flr, Menara Uato Onn, Pinto World trade Centre,45,J1n Tun ismai1,50480 kuala Lumpur T03-2935188, F03-2935884 There is an Information centre on level two of the Putra World Trade centre (in the convention centre). For practical advice, visitors are better advised to contact Malaysian tourist Information centre (MATIC), 109 Jln Ampang, Kuala Lumpur T242939 there are several other tourist information bureaux in KL and regional tourism offices in stare capitals, all of which. are reasonably efficient.

Tourism Malaysia has a tourist information bureau in most large town it is very efficient and can supply further detail and tourist sights advise on intineraries, help place bookings for travel and cultural events and provide updated information on hotels, restaurants and air, food, sail, sea and river transport timetables and price if there is no tourism Malaysia office in a town, travel agents are usually helpful.

Rules, customs &etiquette
Clothing, Malaysians dress for the heat Clothes are light cool and casual most of the time but also fairly smart. Some establishments, mainly exclusive restaurants, require a long-sleeved shirt with tie or local batik shirt and do not allow shorts in the evening those visiting the Cameron highlands or other upland areas are advised to bring a light sweater for jungle treks, a waterproof is advisable, as are canvas jungle booth with dry faster than leather . Although many Malaysian business people have adopted the western jacket and tie for formal occasions, the batik shirt or baju is the traditional formal wear for men while women wear the graceful sarung kebaya.

Malaysian manners - as learned from a princess
In Modern cosmopolitan Malaysia, traditional custom and cultural e alive and well and rigorously adhered to. In Malaysia's welting pot Malaysia, Chinese, Indians and expatriates have discovered that cross-cultural etiquette and the art of obliging another sense of decorum is the essence of racial harmony. The trouble is that for many visitors Malaysian-style faux pas is one of life inevitabilities. Or it was, Dartin Noor Aini Syed Amir published her pratical handbook to Malaysian customs and etiquette in 1991. As a Malay orince5s, Malaysia's Miss Manners - while the Malays are very and forgiving with foreigners Malay faux pas, those who do blunders will be highly respected, the Datin says.
He catch all advice to visitors is to apology in advance to the person you may offend For those who forget to absolve themselves before they ,if observations cover every conceivable situation mat sallehs-the local nikname for foreigners -might find When eating with chopstick in warns Datin Noor avoid crossing them and never stick them vertically into your ricebowl so they resemble loss sticks.

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