Keeping in touch

Malaysia’s post is cheap and reasonably reliable although incoming and outgoing parcel should be registered to send postcards and aerograms overseas costs RM0.50 letters Rm0.90 post office opening hour are 0800-1700 Monday-Friday,0800-1200 Saturday fax and telex services are available in most state capitals poste restante is a reliable service available at general post office in major cities.

Telephone service
Local There are public telephone booth in most town, telephone take RM0.10 and RM0.20 coints card phones are now widespread. there are two types of card kadfon and Unicard kadfon can only be used at telekom phone-booth unicard can be used at uniphone phone-booths cards are available from airsports petrol stations and most outlets of 7-eleven and hop-in telekom cards are sold at post offices telekom office and some shops on most public pones it is necessary to press the release button once the other person responds.

International there is an international telephone exchange in KL and call can be booked to most countries in the world calls may be booked in advance collect calls ca be linked to destination countries without delay (the operator will call you back).direct calls can be made from telephone with IDD(International direct dialing) facility (007 plus country code plus area code plus number). Direct international call can be made from kedai telekom and telephone booth in major towns.

Newspapers the main English-language dailies are the new straits times business times the star the daily express and the Malay mail (afternoon) the main Sunday papers are the new Sunday times the Sunday mail and the Sunday star. the English-language dailies are government owned and this is reflected in their content which tends to be relentlessly pro-government aliran monthly is a high-brow but fascinating publication offering current affairs analysis from a non-government perspective. the Rochet is the democratic action party’s opposition newspaper and also presents an alternative perspective both are available at news outlets international editions of leading foreign newspapers and news magazines can be obtained at main news stands and book stalls although some of these are not cleaned through customs until mid-afternoon (notably the Asian wall street journal) in east Malaysia the main English language newspapers are the sabah daily news and the Sarawak tribune

If you are looking for any alternative line to the government s then it would be best to check the welter of opposition websites. A couple of years ago Prime Minister Mahathir assured high-tech investor, that he wouldn’t attempt to control or censor the web. This was all part of his attempt to create, a MMSC or Multi-Media super corridor, a sort of Asian Silicon Valley. the best web-based newspaper is Malaysiakini.com, to be found at Malayslakini.com/columntoday.htm

Radio There are six government radio station which broadcast in various language including English. Radio 1 broadcasts in Bahasa Melayu; Radio 2 is a music station Radio 3 is manly but broadcast a special programme for tourist every day at 1800; Radio 4 is in English radio 5, Chinese Radio 6,tamil. In KL you can tune into, federal Capital's radio station and elsewhere in the country there are local static The BBC World Service can be picked upon FM in southern Johor; from the Singapore transmitter. elsewhere it can be received on short-wave. The main frequencies are (in kHz) 11750, 9740,6195 and 3915


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