This is present in most of the countries of Southeast Asia. It is a viral disease transmitted by mosquito and causes severe headaches and body pains. Complicated types of dengue known as haemorrhagic fevers occur throughout Asia but usually in persons who have caught the disease a second time. Thus, although it is a very serious type it is aught by visitors. There is no treatment, you must just avoid mosquito bites.

Remember that rabies is endemic in many Southeast Asian countries. If you are bitten Rabies by a domestic or wild animal, do not leave things to chance. Scrub the wound with soap and water and/or disinfectant, try to have the animal captured (within limits) or at least determine its ownership where possible, and seek medical assistance at once of treatment depends on whether you have already been satisfactorily vaccinated against rabies. If you have (and this is worthwhile it you are spending ' rime in developing countries) then some further doses of vaccine are all that Human diploid cell vaccine is the best, but expensive. other, older kinds of vaccine such as that derived from duck embryos may be the only types available. These are effective, much cheaper and interchangeable generally with the -rived types. If not already vaccinated then anti-rabies serum (immunoglobulin) may be required in addition It is wise to finish the course of treatment whether animal survives or not.

When you return home
On returning home ,remember to take anti malaria tablets for 6 weeks. If you have had attack diarrhoea, it is worth having a stool specimen tested in case you have picked up amoebic dysentery. If you have been living rough, a blood test my also be worthwhile to detect worms and other parasites.

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