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Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) An aubergine-coloured hard shell covers this small fruit which is about the size of a tennis ball Cut or squeeze the purple shell to reach its sweet white flesh which is prized by many visitors above all others, in 1898, an American resident of java wrote, erotically and in obvious ecstasy "The five white segments separate easily and they melt on the tongue with a touch of tart and a touch of - sweet, one moment a memory of the.

Juicest most fragrant apple, at another a remembrance of the smoothest cream ice the most exquisite and delicately Season flavoured, fruit-acid known all of the delights of nature's laboratory condensed in that ball of neige parfumee : Southeast Asians believe it should be eaten as a chaser to durian. season; April-September.

Papaya (Carica papaya) A New Wor1d Fruit that was not introduced Southeast Asia until the 16th century. Large, round or oval in shape, yellow or green-skinned, with bright orange flesh and a mass of round, black seeds in the middle. The flesh,. in texture and taste somewhere between a mango and a melon. Some maintain that it tastes soapy. Season: Year round.

Pomelo A large round fruit the size anything from an ostrich egg to a football with thick, green skin and pith, and flesh similar to grapefruit, hot less acidic Season. August-November

Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) The bright red and hairy. rambutan - rambut is the Malay word hair-with its slightly rubbery but sweet flesh u a dose relative of the lychee of The Thai word for rambutan is ngoh, which is the nickname given by Thais to the fuzzy-haired Negrito aboriginals in the southern jungles. Season May-September.

Salak (Salacca edulis) A small pear-shaped fruit about the size of a large plum with a rough, brown, scaly skin(somewhat like a miniature pangolin) yellow-white crisp flesh. It is related to sago and rattan trees.

Tamarind (Tamarindus indicus) Brown seedpods with dry brittle skins and a brown tart-sweet fruit which grow on a tree introduced into Southeast; Asia from India. The name is Arabic for Indian date: The flesh has a high tartaric acid content and is used to flavour curries jams, fellies and chutneys as well as for cleaning brass and copper Elephants have a predilection for tamarind balls. Season December-February.

tembok -fish, either grilled or steamed
pan suh manok - chicken pieces cooked in bamboo cup and served with barrio(kelabit mountain rice).

those wishing to learn more about Malaysian cuisine, several state tourist boards offer shot courses in curry-making etc. enquire at Tourist Malaysia information centres. Tourism Malaysia publishes a glossy pamphlet called Malaysian Common recipes providing an introduction to spices and ingredients and easy to follow recipes to 16 succulent dishes, contact information A wide variety of Malaysian cookery books is available at leading bookshop.

soft drink, mineral water and freshly squeezed fruit drinks are available. Anchor and , ore widely sold, except in the more Islamic states of the east coast especially kelantan and is cheapest at the hawker stalls (RMS per bottle) a beer will cost RM8-12 per bottle coffee shops Malaysian -brewed Guinness is popular, mainly because Chinese believe it has medicinal qualities as it has been successfully sold on the guinness stout is good for you line. Malaysian tea is grown in the Cameron highland and is very good One of the most interesting cultural refinements of the Indian Muslim a the Mamak-man, who is famed for teh tarik (pulled tea), which is thrown across distance of about a metre, from one cup to another, with no spillages The idea is to cool it down for customers, but it has become an art form; mamak-man appear to cultivate nonchalant look when pouring. Malaysian satirist Kit leee says a tea-stall mamak could pull tea in free fall without spilling a drop-while balancing a beedi on his lower lip and making statement on economic determinism Most of the coftee comes, although some is, locally produced Malaysian like strong coffee and unless you specipy kurang maniss (les sugar) tak maju manis (don’t want sugar) or kopi kosong (empty coffee, black, no sugar), it will come with lashings of condensed milk.


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