East Malaysia


Borneo for the fast 2 centuries has been the epitome of adventure travel.While bustling ports like Penang,Malacca,and Singgapore attracted early travels with dolar in their eyes,borneo attracted those with adventure in the hearts.Today the island still draw visitors who seek new and unusual experiencies, a,nd few leave disappointed.Rivers meander through dense tropical rain forest,beachs stretch for miles,and caves snake out longer than any in the world.all sorts of creatures you'd never imagine live in the rainforest: deer the size of house cats, owly only 6 ichies tall,the odd proboscis mongkey,and the orangutan,whose only other the natural home is sumatra,It's also home the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia spanning up the meter wide.small wonder this palace has special interst for scientiens and reseachers the around world

The people of Borneo can be created for most of the alluring tales of eraly travels.The excotically adorned tribes of earring headhunters and piranted of yesteryear,some of whom still life lifestyles little changed ( thourg both headhunting and piracy are now ilegal, Today share their mysstererious culturules and colorfull traditions openly with outsioders

Add to the all this fabulous tale the white Raja of Sarawak,Sir James Brooke,Whose family ruled the state for just over 100 years,and you have a land filled with allure,mystery,romance unlike any other.

Malaysia,Brunei Darussalam.and indonesia have divided the island of borneo.Indonesia claims kalimantan to the south and east of Sarawak and Sabah lie to the north and northhwest.The small sultanate of Brunei is nestled between the two malaysian states on the western coastline

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