East Coast


over the past 2000 year,while the cities on the western coast of peninsular malaysia preoccoupied themeselveswith waves of foreigh domination,those on the eastern coast developed in relative seclusion.Today this part of the country remains true to its malay heritage,from the small fishings kampungs in the south to the Islamic strongholds of the north.The southern parts of the coastline see quite a few visitors each year,mostly Singaporeans who come to unwind on the long palm-fringed beaches of Kuantan as Tioman, and Perhentian,lapped by south China sea.However,few Travelers explores the northern cities, kuala trengganu and Kota Bharu,where you,ll find some of the most developed cottage indrustries producing Malaysia handicrafts,plus an orthodox Muslim history and way of life.For visitors who frefer a less plodded path,these areas prove quite ajoy

one note before you plan you trip: If yoiu looking for beach fun,the monsson from November through February makes the wates too choopy,so avoid the island resorts and take care by the seaside.Meanwhile in the north,with the exception of a few beach resort and island.Muslim modesty will probaly make you uncamfortable wearing a western style bathing suit at a public beach( the locals swim fully clothed)

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