Best Hotels In Malaysia In 2019

Malaysia is highly developed country with many modern towns and cities. It is only natural that there a lot of extremely good hotels to stay. For a country that has become a haven for tourists for all over the world, there cannot be any lacking in hotel and restaurants. Kuala Lumpur the capital city itself has quite a few high-class hotels which can offer you every bit of luxury you can imagine.

As a lot of hotels are being built for 2019 or existing ones being redesigned lets take a look at what we think will be the best hotels in Malaysia in 2019.

It is a difficult task listing out best hotels in Malaysia. However, using reviews from guests who have stayed there, we list out some of the best places to stay in Malaysia.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel

On top of the list comes this five-star hotel in Penang. Guests have complimented the hotel highly on three important parameters – comfort, cleanliness, and location. I think, for any guest these three will come uppermost when searching for a hotel. The old building is a major attraction for most people who say it brings back history. Each room even has its own espresso machine!

The staff is efficient and friendly. The pool on the 6th floor is a major attraction and so is the view of the sea. The food is very good, and the rooms are very comfortable with clean beds. This hotel scores well in all aspects.

De Grand Boutique Hotel

This hotel in Sepang comes at second place. Those who have stayed there have praised the hotel for its comfortable rooms. Cleanliness is another factor that has earned the praise of most guests. This hotel is also good for the food that is served there. Service by the staff is great and there is always someone to attend to your needs.

The hotel, being close to the KL airport, serves as a good place to stay for short trips. There is regular shuttle service from the hotel to the airport which will be arranged by the hotel staff. A great place for frequent travelers to Kuala Lumpur.

The St. Regis

This hotel is highly rated for luxury and cleanliness. Every room is fitted with the most modern facilities. The beds are luxurious and clean. The rooms are one of the largest that you can get in KL. The breakfast buffet has earned the praise of most people who stayed in this hotel. Location is another great advantage being close to most of the places you want to visit.

The above are just a sample of the fine hotels that are available in Malaysia for 2019 (likely)

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