A Peep into the Best Restaurants in Malaysia

We have already covered the best hotels in Malaysia so now its time to cover the best food!

Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian cuisine is a spectacle of distinguished blends of Chinese, Thai food, Indian spices and Arabic flavors owing to their long acquaintance and connection with the Malay sultanate and even the Ottoman Empire. Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia stands to be the hub of its Malaysian culture, tradition as well as Malaysian cuisine. This city offers some of the best restaurants in Malaysia which not only celebrate the Malaysian typical flavors and dishes but even delectable palates of Italian, Chinese, French and Pan- Asian mouth watering foods as well.

If you choose to visit traditional Malaysian restaurants what you are going to find primarily in the dishes will be fresh herbs, rice, stews, curries and distinct spices and lots of fish oriented dishes and meat items in Malaysian food. One of the most popular Malaysian dishes in the country are Nasi dishes are like Nasi dagang, Nasi ulam, Nasi goreng etc, which also happen to be favorite and top pick choices among tourists. Exploring Kuala Lumpur at first place can give you the flavors of some of the most distinguished and best restaurants in Malaysia.

Malaysian Flavor Hunt

There are many people, travelers and tourists who prefer treating their taste buds with the flavor of the land and for such dining experience when you are in Kuala Lumpur you surely need to pay a visit to:

  • Bijan, one of the renowned Malaysian Cuisine specialist restaurants in the town, located in Changkat Bukit Bintang strip. You can make your diner all the more special with rending or ayam percik or some of the distinguished and exquisite collection picks of wine.
  • Enak is yet another popular Malay eatery picks in the town, in the posh Starhill Gallery. This is an exclusive dining place which focuses on home-style Malay dishes, particularly best recipe’s from popular Grandma’s recipe collections. Whether you order sambal tumis udang (fried prawns) or ayam goreng lengkuas (chicken fried with blue ginger sauce), the best part is that you are served the traditional authentic Malaysian cuisines in the in the most modernistic way.
  • Sri Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf is yet another foodie’s destination in Kuala Lumpur. Whether it is something off beat spicy scrumptious dish like fried chicken or delicious squid rings, that are delectable moreish dishes, or simple rice, curries and pickles, everything is distinctively served on banana leaves. This authentic cultural dining experience is loved by all, travelers as well as locals.

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